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Patty Tuite is a singer/songwriter who embraces the genre of blues, rock music and beyond.  Strong influences in her style come from listening to notable artists such as Bonnie Raitt, Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James and Susan Tedeschi.

Already having four highly acclaimed releases to her credit, Patty has just released her latest recording, which features a fantastic array of new material. Produced by Grammy award winner Paul Nelson, who also plays electric, slide and acoustic guitar on the album, to the excited expectations of her ever growing, world-wide fanbase.  Read on below!


Patty is a singer/songwriter who embraces the genre of blues, jazz and rock music, Patty started at a young age listening to her mom’s piano playing of hymns, musicals and Boogie Woogie and began playing piano before the age of 5.  Patty began playing guitar at 17 years old focusing on fingerpicking and rhythm and learning Folk music and singing.


In the 1980’s she began listening to blues musicians and emulating their styles.


Patty began playing guitar out in public and singing at open mic sessions in Springfield, MA during the early the early 1990’s.  This led to her first well received live recording in 1996 “Live At The Tic Toc.”  


Her first blues-based band, The Patty Tuite Band, formed in 1999, playing throughout the Southern New England region, gaining fans at clubs, functions, and summer concert festivals.  This experience led to her second recording “Girls Night Out” in 2001 and then “Blond and Blue” in 2007.


The band competed in the finals of the Connecticut Blues Society (CTBS) “Blues Challenge” in 2001 and 2005. Due to her showing at the CTBS statewide competitions, two of Patty’s originals were included on the CTBS compilation CDs, “Local Flavor” (2003) and “Blue State Blues” (2007). She also became a judge for the CT Blues Challenge on two occasions.


As well as playing blues from 2007-2017 with two more bands, the Boilermakers and the Percolators, Patty branched out into jazz and played with an eastern CT band, Blue Steam, in 2012. It was a creative and expansive collaboration together, not only playing standards, but reinterpreting popular songs with a jazz bent.


In 2016, Patty created The Patty Tuite Group, playing a mix of originals, blues, jazz and rock favorites.   They played some of her original material live for the Northeast CT Musicians Collaborative which was aired on Spectrum TV in 2018.  The band became very active playing local clubs throughout Southern New England.


When Covid lockdown requirements started, Patty continued writing new songs and started “back-yard” practices in the summer of 2020 performing the new material and sharing videos with her fan base.  This was the group that then went into the studio in December 2020-January 2021 to complete the new music for Patty Tuite “Consider This.”  The recording features a fantastic array of new material all written and composed by Patty. Produced by Grammy award winner Paul Nelson, who also plays electric, slide and acoustic guitar on the album, to the excited expectations of her ever growing, world-wide fanbase.


In 2021 Patty and her husband Jim formed a new independent record label, Thread City Productions, which the past two releases came out on.


“Consider This has been featured in numerous magazine reviews, including “Making a Scene,” Blues in The South and charting for 6 weeks on Roots Music Reports top contemporary blues albums as well as charting # 171 for 2021.   Consider This also charted on the  Independent Blues Broadcasters Association’s top 40 in the UK.  This year Patty went back into the The Music Room, West Yarmouth's studios and worked again with Grammy Award winner PAUL NELSON and recorded a Blues Oriented Album featuring an All Start Cast, including 2021 Grammy Award winner BOBBY RUSH as well as many other notables in the music industry.  This album received praise from Frank Rozack,Gold and Platinum Manager and now Patty's publicist, who stated, "Wonderful album.  Whats to say? Just fantastic, fabulous."  It has gone on to chart on Roots Music Report's top 50 Blues Albums and top 50 Contemporary Blues Albums, reaching a high of number 3 as of this writing in early September 2022.

In the summer of 2022, Patty has been sitting on the judges panel for the 2022 Connecticut Blues Society, Blues Challenge.


Since 2004 Patty has enjoyed playing in a children’s band called the Kidsville Kuckoo Revue, led by Bruce John, one of the founders of the famed Shaboo Inn. She thinks it is a fun and rewarding way to get children to appreciate and participate in music-making. 

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